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Last night 4-H members saw their hard work of raising livestock pay off, literally, as the 4-H auction took place last night at teh Christian County Agricultural Fair.


Michelle Beckmeyer is on the 4-H board she says that this is a rich experience for the kids and some of the projects started last December.



Tanner Mickey auctioned off his market lamb that is going to state for $2000. He explains the process from the beginning of raising the livestock.



Mickey and Beckmeyer appeared as guests on Newstalk WTIM live from the Christian County Agricultural Fair.




On Monday Christian County Residents came out to the Christian County Fair to see who would be crowned Miss Christian County. Here are the results:


2018 Miss Christian County: Aly Moore


1st Runner Up: Kenlee Durbin


2nd Runner Up: Nikyla Lawrence


2018 Junior Miss Christian County: Jhia Walker


1st Runner Up: Alivia Kent


2nd Runner Up: Lydia Repscher


2018 Little Miss Miss Christian County: Brystol Hughes


1st Runner Up: Brooke Burke


2nd Runner Up: Cheyenne Sidwell




Tuesday marks the start of the 95th annual Christian County Fair, an event that Christian County residents look forward to all year.


Mellisa McMillan is the Christian County Farm Bureau Manager. She says the kids love coming out for the variety of activities with the interactive farm at the Christian County Fair.



The interactive farm is all about the kids and trying to get them up close to livestock, McMillan says there will be plenty of different animals for the kids to see.



McMillan appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.




With the Christian County Fair Officially getting started on Tuesday, Monday was the day for the general shows.


Caleb Grover was at the fair grounds on Monday to show his multiple entries in the general show. Grover is showing 6 projects and one of them has already gotten a state ribbon.



Grover says this is a project that has taken over three years but finally he feels he is close to a conclusion.



Grover says yes he is hoping to get a ribbon at state, but he is hoping that this project can go much further than a state ribbon and end with a possible cure for cancer.



Grover appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show live at the Christian County Fair.



The Christian County Fair is ready to get underway thanks in large part to some helpful hands that took Monday and set up most of what you will see at the fair.


Brooke Bates is a Christian County 4-H Ambassador, her job is to help the 4-H Director with getting the fair ready for Tuesday. Bates shares the process the team went through this weekend.



Bates says while she is involved with helping the set up process, she is also looking forward to showing her projects and she tends to lean towards design.



Bates appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show live from the Christian County Fair.



Tuesday the Christian County Fair will kick off once again, this is the 94th annual Christian County Fair.


Curt Micenheimer is on the Christian County Fair Board of Directors, he says the tractor pull on Thursday is always popular and starts at seven but families that want to come early and check out the tractors are encouraged to do so.



Micenheimer says at the tractor pull residents get to see tractors trying to pull as much weight as far as they can until they come to a stop and cannot go any farther.



Micenheimer appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.




At 6 in the evening on July 24th 23 young women will be competing for the title of Little Miss Christian County.


Jenny Swinger is the Pageant Director for this years Christian County Fair. She says it begins with the Little Miss Pageant but that is just the beginning of a wonderful night.



Swinger says this competition is much more than merely standing up on stage and waving to the crowd.



Swinger appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.



On Tuesday, July 24th the 95th annual Christian County Fair is set to begin once again.


Lee Meteer is the Secretary of the Christian County Agricultural Fair Board as well as the Livestock Superintendent. He says there are lots of different activities for all ages.



Meteer says there is a lot of tradition with the Christian County Fair and the board wants to keep that going.



Meteer appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.



Christian County Fair Schedule July 24-28


Tuesday, July 24th


1:00pm - Culinary Arts, Textiles & Fine Arts; Jr. General Projects - EXPO Building

5:00pm - Baby Contest

6:00pm - Little Miss Christian County

7:00pm - Jr. Miss and Miss Christian County


Wednesday, July 25th


8:30am - 4-H Swine Show - Swine Barn

Approximately 10:30am - 4-H Sheep and Goat Show - Sheep Barn

11:00am - Senior Citizens Appreciation Dinner - Beer Tent

Approximately 1:00pm - 4-H Dairy, Bucket Calf and Beef Show - Show Arena

1:00pm - Ag Products, Horticulture, and Floral Show - EXPO Building

After Beef Show - Illinois Farm Bureau Master Showmanship Contest - Beef Show Arena

7:00pm - Stock Car Races


Thursday, July 26th


6:00pm - 4-H Auction-Show Ring

7:00pm - ITPA Tractor Pull


Friday, July 27th


8:00am - Junior and Open Sheep Show - Sheep Barn

Following Open Show - Weather Show - Open and Junior

7:00pm - Stock Truck Pull


Saturday, July 28th


8:00am - Swine-Breeding Barrows Open and Junior - Swine Barn show ring

8:00am - Juior and Open Beef Show - Show Arena

9:00am - Western Horse Show - Infield Arena

10:30am - Open Goat Show - Sheep Barn

12:00pm - Illinois State Championship Chili Cook Off - Beer Tent

7:00pm - Demolition Derby

4-H Livestock Show Results

4-H Livestock Show Results 2018


Grand champion wether waylon paulek


Reserve grand champion goat wether Hanna buzzard


Grand champion doe Waylon paulek


Reserve grand champion doe Hanna buzzard


Grand champion ewe Kade Beckmier


Grand Champion Wether Tanner Mickey


Reserve grand champion wether- tanner Mickey


Grand Champion Barrow Cooper Bertoliono


Reserve Grand Champion Barrow Drew Mickey


Grand champion heifer Eric Schafer


Reserve champion Heifer Lizzie Schafer


Grand Champion Steer- Eric Schafer


Reserve Grand Champion- Audrey Curtin 

4-H General Show Results

General Show


Animal Science- Best of Show/State Fair- Kelsie Hunt


College & Career Readiness –State Fair/Best of Show- Caleb Grover


Crops-State Fair/Best of Show- Conner Grant


Electricity- State Fair/Best of Show- Brian Short


Horticulture State Fair- Mackenzie Harmon


Horticulture State Fair Alternates- Maria Brockamp & Grace Jeffrey


Horticulture-Floriculture- State Fair- Grace Jeffrey


Interior Design-State Fair- Macy Richards, Brooke Bates, & Meredith Cook


Interior Design- State Fair Alternates- Brooke Bates, Ben Wamsley, & Riley Brown


Interior Design- Best of Show- Macy Richards


Intercultural- Individual-State Fair- Riley Brown


Intercultural-Club- State Fair- Tri-County Kids


Natural Resources-State Fair/Best of Show-Brooke Bates


Natural Resources-State Alternates- Noah Bailey


Photography-State Fair-Hayden Baker, Meredith Cook, & Grace Jeffrey


Photography State Fair Alternates- Caleb Grover


Photography-Best of Show- Meredith Cook


Tractor- State Fair/Best of Show- Conner Grant


Vet Science- State Fair/Best of Show- Kelsie Hunt


Visual Arts State Fair Chalk/Carbon/Pigment- Hayden Baker & Noah Bailey


Visual Arts State Fair Alternates Chalk/Carbon/Pigment- Sophie Robinson & Madelyn Boaden


Visual Arts Clay State Fair- Sophie Robinson


Visual Arts Fiber State Fair- Riley Brown


Visual Arts Fiber State Fair Alternate-Sophie Robinson


Visual Arts Heritage Arts-State Fair- Grace Jeffrey


Visual Arts Heritage Arts-State Fair Alternate- Maria Brockamp


Visual Arts Metal-State Fair- Mackenzie Harmon


Visual Arts Metal State Fair Alternates- Sophie Robinson


Visual Arts Nature State Fair- Sophie Robinson


Visual Arts Paper State Fair- Sophie Robinson


Visual Arts Scrapbooking- State Fair- Brooke Bates


Visual Arts 3-D/Mixed Media State Fair- Kelsie Hunt


Visual Arts 3-D/Mixed Media State Fair Alternate- Sophie Robinson


Woodworking- State Fair- Brian Short & Johnanthan Scott


Woodworking-State Fair Alternate- Tucker Hamm


Woodworking Best of Show Brian Short 

4-H Food & Nutrition Show Results

Foods Awards


Cooking 101 Best of Show- Cassie Waterman


Cooking 101 State Fair Delegate- Sophie Robinson


Cooking 101 State Fair Alternates- Elayna Harker & Kelsie Hunt


Cooking 201 Best of Show/State Fair Delegate- Chloe Grant


Cooking 301 Best of Show/State Fair Delegate- Sydney Poleon


Cooing 301 State Fair Alternate- Natalie Fry


Coooking 401 Best of Show/State Fair Delegate- Meredith Cook


Cooking 401 State Fair Alternate- Natalie Fry


Food Preservation State Fair/Best of Show- Rebekah Brookens


Food Science State Fair/Best of Show-Caleb Grover

4-H Small Animal Show Results

Small Pets


Guinea Pig- Sydney Poleon


Grand Champion Cat- Madelyn Boaden


Reserve Grand Champion Cat- Abby Erlenbush


Cat Showmanship-Abby Erlenbush


Grand Champion Dog- Madelyn Boaden


Reserve Grand Champion Dog-Claire Hunt


Dog Showmanship-Claire Hunt


Grand Champion Rabbit-Maelie Heberling


Reserve Grand Champion Rabbit-Grace Jeffrey


Sr. Rabbit Showmanship- Grace Jeffrey


Sr. Poultry Showmanship- Morgan Gabriel


Jr. Poultry Showmanship- Jacob Sweeny

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