Christian County Fair



Saturday Night Demo Derby Results:



1st - Brandon Miller

2nd - Jordan Gesner

3rd - Cody Basil


Bone Stock:

1st - Dean Main

2nd - Cody Moon

3rd - Tim Westenhaver


Mini Van:

1st - Troy Stein

2nd - Chris Venrick

3rd - Brian Russel


Semi Stock:

1st - Nate Mink

2nd - Brad Mizeur

3rd - Dan Mink


Friday Night Truck Pull Results:


Factory Stock Gas 4x4

1st - Brad Niemann - Hillsboro

2nd - Brett Rehkemper - St. Rose, IL

3rd - Brayden Phillips - Tremont

4th - Kirby Harris - Stonington

5th - David Heberling - Taylorville


Super Stock Gas 2x4

1st - Drew Kinkelarr - Witt

2nd - Griffin Sanders - Nokomis

3rd - Jeff Cray - Morrisonville

4th - Jeremy Cray - Hillsboro

5th - Chuck Feldman - Butler


Super Stock Gas 4x4

1st - Kirk Spurgeon - Morrisonville

2nd - Nick Gerl - Litchfield

3rd - Mike Durbin - Butler

4th - Billy Badman - Palmer

5th - Phil Mester - Williamsville


Modified Gas 4x4

1st - Jason Bates - Taylorville

2nd - Jeff Schoen - Sorento

3rd - Andy Adams - Butler

4th - Butch Fulk - Edinburg

5th - Anton Loskot - Nokomis


Midwest 2.5 Diesel 4x4

1st - Quinton Whitehouse - Fiatt, IL

2nd - Joel Dupre - Jacksonville

3rd - Chance Meyer - Manito, IL

4th - Nick Hill - Eureka, IL

5th - Mitchell Ruder - Green Valley, IL


Christian County Fair Flower and Vegetable Open Show Brings Color to the Fairgrounds







The Christian County Ag Fair's Expo building was full of colors this week, as the open judging for flowers and vegetables took place.  Linda Binger is the superintendent of the show, and tells Regional Radio News that this summer's dry weather reduced the number of exhibits.

Binger said this year's show featured a lot of color.

The open flower and vegetable exhibits were on display at the Fair thru Thursday night.

See pictures of this show by clicking the "Christian County Fair Coverage" icon at taylorvilledailynews-dot-com.



Christian County Ag Group Sponsors Annual Ag Day Luncheon




Over 200 people attended Thursday's annual Ag Day Luncheon at the Christian County Ag Fair.  The event, sponsored by the Christian County Ag Group, spotlights the importance of agriculture to the Christian County economy.



Guest speaker was Illinois Director of Natural Resources and Morrisonville native Wayne Rosenthal, who talked to those in attendance about how some proposed restrictions regarding the monarch butterfly being listed as an endangered species, could negatively impact agriculture.

Following Rosenthal's remarks, over 30 door prizes were given to attendees.

Several Christian County businesses sponsor the Ag Group's annual luncheon during Ag Day at the Fair.

NEWSTALK WTIM broadcast its Noon Farm Show live with local farm broadcaster Jared White, from Thursday's Christian County Fair Ag Day Luncheon.



Wednesday Night's Stock Car Race Results:


Hornets Division:

1st: Marty Sullivan

2nd: Austin Wickline

3rd: Joe McChristy

4th: Cook Crawford

5th: Ben McChristy


Sportsman Division:

1st: Timmy Dick

2nd: Wes O'Dell

3rd: Scott Williams

4th: Brandon Pralle

5th: Scott Landers


Street Stocks Division:

1st: Jeremy Nichols

2nd: Dave Crawley

3rd: Nick Macklin

4th: Chris Dick

5th: Shawn Ziemer


Thursday Fair Update: Tractor Pull Cancelled, Carnival Still Open Thursday Evening


Due to the wet conditions, the tractor pull at the Christian County Fair scheduled for tonight has been cancelled. The carnival will still be opening this evening.


Christian County Fair Board President Jim Olive says there is extra reason to come out to the carnival tonight.



Olive says there will also be an armband night tomorrow night. The price for the armband Friday will be $20.


Showing Livestock at the Christian County Fair Leads to Long Days of Work for Local 4-H Members


Theres a lot of work that goes into showing animals at the Christian County Fair. From long days leading up to the event, taking care of the animal's day to day needs, to all of the prep work that is put in the morning of the show.


Kaitlyn Hadden, a local 4-H member showing cattle at the Christian County Fair joined the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show live at the Christian County Fair Wednesday morning, and shared some details on one of the cows she was showing that day.



There's a lot of work that takes place to get an animal ready for show. Hadden described some of the things she does in order to get her animals ready.



Presenting Livestock on the Big Stage Presents It's Own Set of Challenges


The goal of many kids involved in 4-H who show livestock is to get the chance to show on the big stage. One local 4-Her, Sydney Burtalino has had the opportunity to show in several large livestock shows across the country, appearing in shows in places such as Denver and Louisville.


Burtalino shared how she had one of the pigs she showed in Louisville with her while she was showing at the Christian County Fair.



According to Burtalino, showing livestock on a bigger stage presents it's own set of challenges, including simply dealing with the larger number of people at the event.



Burtalino appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show live from the Christian County Fairgrounds.


Christian County 4-H Member Explains Process of Raising Animals For Show at Christian County Fair


It's been a busy week so far for the kids involved in the Christian County 4-H program, and many of those kids were showing the various livestock projects they've been raising on Wednesday at the Christian County Fair.


Tanner Mickey is involved in 4-H, and was showing several different animals. He took a break from showing to appear as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show broadcasting live from the fair Wednesday morning, and explained some of the differences between the different animals he shows.



Raising an animal is a hard job, especially if you intend to show that animal at the fair. Mickey previewed his day to day routine to care for his animals.



PHOTOS: Christian County Senior Luncheon


The Christian County Senior Luncheon was held Wednesday morning into the early afternoon. People got to enjoy a chicken dinner along with bingo at the Luncheon.





Christian County Little Miss, Jr. Miss, and Miss Christian County Results


2017 Little Miss Christian County Pageant L to R: 1st runner up Kenlee Durbin of Taylorville 2017 Little Miss Miss Christian County Queen Alysse Brown of Taylorville . 2nd Runner up Blakee Edwards of Taylorville. 


2017 Jr. Miss Christian County pageant L to R: Miss Congeniality Alaina Deal of Morrisonville, 2016 Jr. Miss Queen Madison Lush, 2017 Jr. Miss Christian County Lauren Phillips of Pana, 1st runner up Jhia Walker of Morrisonville 2nd runner up Rachel Williams of Tovey.


2017 Miss Christian County Pageant. L to R: 3rd runner up Meredith Epley of Pana, 2016 Miss Christian County Myah Herbord, 2017 Miss Christian County and People's Choice Award Emily Morrison of Taylorville, 1st runner up Olivia Graham of Taylorville, 2nd runner up Hayden Baker of Taylorville, Miss Congeniality Makala Finks of Taylorville.


Christian County Fair Officially Under Way



The Christian County Agricultural Fair is officially underway. The festivities began with a ribbon cutting this morning in front of the fair offices. Monsanto also presented a bench to the fair as a part of the opening festivities.



Christian County Fair Board President Jim Olive says the Miss, Jr. Miss, and Little Miss Christian County Fair pageants will kick off the evening festivities tonight.



Olive says the weather shouldn’t hold people back from coming out to the fair.



Christian County 4-Her Fighting Cancer Through 4-H Project

The Christian County Fair kicks officially gets underway Tuesday, however those involved in the Christian County 4-H program got an early start to the festivities. 4-H kids were showing off projects they've been working on in the general show on Monday at the expo building on the fairgrounds.

Caleb Grover participates in 4-H through New Vision 4-H club, and entered several projects into the show. Grover says the 4-H program has helped him gain a better understanding of what direction he wants to head in life after 4-H.
Grover is currently pursuing his goal of becoming a doctor through projects done through 4-H, including a project where he has done medical research to help find a cure for cancer.
Grover appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show live from the Christian County Fairgrounds.


4-H Livestock Work Culminating With 4-H Auction July 27th at Christian County Fair


The Christian County Fair kicks off this week, which means local 4-H kids are busy showing off the various projects and livestock they've been working on and raising over the past year. For those who raise livestock as a 4-H project, they have the chance to auction off those animals during the 4-H livestock auction, taking place on Thursday.

Hayden Baker is president of the Christian County 4-H Clover Club, and assists with the auction. She says she enjoys watching the joy the kids have as they participate in the auction.
The livestock auction is the culmination of the work the 4-H kids have put in, and provides an opportunity to be rewarded financially for the work they've put in.
The Christian County 4-H Livestock auction takes place at 6pm on Thursday, July 27th at the Livestock building on the west end of the Christian County Fairgrounds.


CICBC Bloodmobile Coming to Christian County Fair Saturday Looking for Donors


Christian County Fair-goers will have the opportunity to help save lives and help their community as the Central Illinois Community Blood Center will have a Bloodmobile at the fair from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday to collect blood.


Caleb Parker is a Donor Relations Consultant with the CICBC. He says each donor present will be entered to win $2,500 towards the vacation of their choice.



Parker says it’s a short process from registration to blood donation.



Parker says with the Bloodmobile being during the fair, donors will have plenty of options for food and drinks after they donate as well. 


Many Christian County 4-H Students Preparing for 4-H Livestock Auction Following 4-H Events at Christian County Fair


Many area kids participate in local 4-H clubs, and are getting ready to participate in the many different 4-H shows at the 2017 Christian County Fair taking place July 25th through the 29th at the Christian County Fairgrounds in Taylorville. After the shows, the kids who showed livestock will participate in the Christian County 4-H Livestock Auction.


Rebecca Livingston, Program Coordinator of the 4-H Youth and Development program at the U of I Christian County Extension Office says the auction is a big part of many children's experience in the 4-H program.



Livingston says the students who show livestock as a part of the 4-H program pamper their animals, which can make auctioning them off a difficult experience.




Livingston appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.


Rich History Behind Christian County Ag Fair


The 2017 Christian County Agriculture Fair is just around the corner, kicking off next week on July 25th, and running through the 29th. The fair has a rich history over it’s 94 years, including many years of quality horse related activities.



Mike Drea, Secretary of the Christian County Fair Board appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show to discuss the history of the fair. Drea says there were previous fairs held throughout the county, however the current incarnation got it’s start in 1924.



The fair had a long history of horse related events including harness racing, however that has since been canceled.



For more information on the 2017 Christian County Fair visit them online at


Christian County Fair Still Accepting Exhibits for Show in Expo Building


One of the major attractions to the Christian County Fair is the various exhibits that take place in the Expo Building at the fair. Citizens from around the county bring in different projects from baked goods to horticulture projects to show off and be judged.



Linda Binger is the Superintendent of Exhibits in the Expo Building, and said those looking to exhibit at the fair still have the ability to do so. Potential exhibitors can view the various categories online.



There have been several changes made this year to the exhibits portion of the fair. Binger says one of those changes are new age restrictions placed for those looking to show at the fair.



For more information on the 2017 Christian County Fair taking place July 25th through the 29th, visit the fair online at


Area 4-H Members Preparing for Christian County Agricultural Fair


One of the major aspects of the upcoming Christian County Agricultural Fair is the Ag work that many area children and young adults have been working on. These ag projects will be showcased on several different days of the Christian County Fair on July 25th through the 29th.


Lee Mateer sits on the Christian County Fair board, and joined the Newstalk WTIM Morning show to discuss the Livestock and 4-H events at the fair. Mateer gave a preview of some of the events planned.



Many of the kids participating in the various events at the fair this year are showing off the work they’ve done in programs such as 4-H. Mateer says the lessons the kids learn in these programs will stick with them for the rest of their lives.



Stock Car Racing And 4-H Auctions Two of Many Events at This Year's Christian County Agricultural Fair


The Christian County Fair is just around the corner, set to take place on July 25th through the 29th at the Christian County Fairgrounds in Taylorville. The fair features a wide array of events and attractions, from various shows happening on the grandstand, to the carnival rides and food.


Jim Olive is the president of the Christian County Fair Board, and made an appearance on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show to discuss the various events happening at the fair. NASCAR fans will recognize one major figure who will be making an appearance at the fair during the fair's stock car races.



Another event taking place at the fair will be the Christian County 4-H auction, where 4-H members will have the chance to sell the livestock they've been raising throughout the past year.



For more information on the various events taking place at this year's Christian County Agricultural Fair, visit them online at


94th Annual Christian County Agricultural Fair To Kick Off July 25th with Pageant Competitions


The 94th Christian County Agricultural fair is set to take place later this month on July 25th through the 29th, and will kick off the festivities with the ever popular Miss, Jr Miss, Little Miss, and Baby pageants. Pageant participation has been down in recent years, however this year the fair will rebound, with a full slate of participants set to compete.


Mike Drea, Christian County Fair Secretary and Fair Board Member says those who would like to watch the pageants can do so on the first day of the fair.



Drea says he's received word that although pageant participation has suffered in the past, the fair has a full slate of ladies looking to compete this year.



Other events taking place at the Christian County fair include 4-H shows, truck and tractor pulls, live music, and the Illinois State Championship Chili Cook-off.

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