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Planet-hunting spacecraft "Tess" photographs distant stars

NASA's new planet-hunting spacecraft, "Tess," launched last month. When NASA wants to zoom in and show us what distant planets and stars might look like up close and in color, they assign two artists to create photorealistic images. CBS News' Chris Martinez reports.

Can Meghan Markle change British views on diversity?

Many see Prince Harry's bi-racial bride -- the newly-minted Duchess of Sussex -- as a cultural icon. But can Meghan Markle change views on diversity -- in a nation that is more than 80 percent white? CBS News correspondent Roxana Saberi reports.

The multi-cultural British royals

Mo Rocca visits with Rutgers University historian Alastair Bellany and shakes the family tree of the House of Windsor to find what falls out. Turns out, it's a lot more Continental than expected.

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