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Our latest CBS News Battleground Tracker poll finds most Americans disagree with President Trump's recent controversial tweets about four progressive lawmakers. 59% say they disagree with his tweets and 40% agree. The split is along partisan lines. Weijia Jiang reports.

At least two deaths are being blamed on a brutal heat that stifled much of the country. More than a half dozen record-high temperatures were broken or tied in the eastern U.S. on Saturday and Sunday. Cooler temperatures are on the way, but it comes at the cost of severe weather. Meg Oliver reports.

A manhunt is underway in Canada after an American woman and her Australian boyfriend were found dead. Chynna Deese and Lucas Fowler were on a road trip in Northern British Columbia. Police in Fowler's native Australia says it appears they were both shot. Nikki Battiste reports.

Some consumers who have shared their bad experiences have wound up in court; the FTC is now cracking down on businesses that put gag clauses in their consumer contracts

Many Americans rely on online reviews to choose a business or service. But posting a negative review could put you at risk of being sued. Anna Werner reports on a Florida dog owner whose Yelp review of an animal hospital and veterinarian led to his being slapped by a lawsuit.

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