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Remembering 1968: How Intel was born

Fifty years ago this week, two middle-aged engineers quit their jobs to start a new company called Intel. David Pogue explores how Gordon Moore and Bob Noyce (co-inventor of the integrated circuit) established a Silicon Valley giant ushered in an era of fast, cheap, ubiquitous electronics, and which is still breaking new ground.

Remembering 1968: The birth of Intel

The creation of the memory chip and microprocessor company that became a Silicon Valley giant helped forge a new era of fast, cheap, ubiquitous electronics

Camps are using facial recognition tech to help parents keep tabs on kids

Older children all over the country are going to summer camp right now and a growing number of those camps have new tracking technology to help parents check on their kids. More than 100 camps in 33 states are using facial recognition software from Waldo Photos that follows what campers are doing. Tony Dokoupil reports.

Facial recognition tech goes to camp

Parents are utilizing facial recognition technology for the convenience of finding pictures of their kids, but is it safe?

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