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Is the North Korea summit back on?

One day after President Trump called off his summit with Kim Jong Un, North Korea said it was willing to give the U.S. "time and opportunities" to reconsider talks. Major Garrett reports.

Polls close in Ireland in historic vote on abortion referendum

In Ireland, voters have gone to the polls to consider whether to repeal some of the world’s most restrictive abortion laws. It would mark a major shift in a country long dominated by the Catholic Church. Jonathan Vigliotti reports.

North Korea claims to demolish nuclear test site

Ben Tracy was the only U.S. broadcast correspondent on the scene to witness what North Korea claimed was the demolition of its nuclear test site. He reports what he saw.

Arlington National Cemetery is running out of room

This week on "The Takeout," Karen Durham-Aguilera, executive director Army National Military Cemeteries, talks with Major Garrett about how the cemetery may change the standards for burial at Arlington

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