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Those involved in the command center responding to the outbreak of tornadoes in Christian County on Saturday, held their daily news briefing this (Mon) afternoon at Taylorville City Hall.  The briefing was broadcast live on all 6 Miller Media Group radio stations.


Senior meterologist James Auten (otten) from the National Weather Service in Lincoln, told the news briefing that as a result of surveying damage thru-out Christian County the last 2 days, Weather Service officials determined that 3 tornadoes his the county late Saturday afternoon.  The first started in Montgomery County, and came into Christian County as an E-F-zero category tornado.  The second one, which was the one causing the most damage, started near Morrisonville and came thru Taylorville, travelling some eleven-and-a-half miles.



The third Christian County tornado started northeast of Taylorville, and traveled to Stonington as a category E-F-2, ending just across the Christian-Macon County line.


Auten added the cells that created the 3 Christian County tornadoes, started in Montgomery County, and said the tornado that came thru Taylorville was the strongest one that’s hit the town since records have been kept at the Weather Service starting in 1950.


Christian County Emergency Management Agency director Mike Crews, told the Monday news briefing, that the tornado aftermath is improving truckload by truckload.



Crews expects a multi-agency resource center for those who lost their homes, to be open in a few days.  Crews complimented Green Hyundai of Springfield for loaning cars to those who lost their vehicles in the Saturday tornado.


Crews said the operations center will continue to work from 7am to 7pm.


Taylorville mayor Bruce Barry told the Monday news briefing that the city’s preferred agency to donate money to, is the Missions for Taylorville organization, and that financial donations are welcome.



Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp told the Monday news briefing, that Ameren is having difficulty doing their work because of gawkers.



Joe Gasparich, who is acting as the public information officer for the command center, announced that barring a weather event, Taylorville Schools will be open on Tuesday, and again asked the public to provide monetary donations and not clothing or food.


In the daily written statement provided to the news media on Monday, law enforcement officials stated that Taylorville mayor Bruce Barry has signed a proclamation of disaster for the City of Taylorville, in effect from December First thru the 7th.


The written statement also said Ameren expects to have those who still have homes but no power, to have their power restored by 6pm Monday.


The written statement added that Crossroads Apostolic Church at 212 Jaycee Drive in Taylorville, is the designate shelter and remains open for those needing it.


Finally, the written statement said that the command center has set up an official Facebook page entitled “Christian County Severe Weather and Disaster Recovery” for them to post further information to the public.


Stay tuned to Regional Radio, as we’ll continue to carry the command center news briefings when they occur.

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