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More “Lil Chilli Bean” contestants are needed for the 2018 Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce Chillifest taking place on the square October 6th and 7th.

The contest is a “People’s Choice” contest and is open to Christian County youth ages birth to 2 years old.

There is a 5-dollar entry fee per child.  Each entrant is provided a jar to collect money in during Chilifest weekend.  All jars will be on display on the square with the child’s information on it, both days.

The entrant collecting the most money, wins a 100-dollar Greater Taylorville Chamber gift certificate.  Second place winner gets a 75-dollar Chamber gift certificate, and the third place winner gets a 50-dollar Chamber gift certificate.

Complete rules and the entry form, are available at the Chamber office on the 2nd floor of the U-S Bank building on the south side of the Taylorville square, or on-line at the event’s web site, chillifest-dot-info, that’s Chillifest with 2-L’s.

Main Office: