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The Illinois Broadcasters Association created a political survey with Research America about the race for Illinois Governor and Illinois Attorney General. The posed two simple questions regarding each position up for election. The first question asked “If the election for the Governor of Illinois were held today, which of the following four candidates would you vote for?” 44% said they would vote for Democrat JB Pritzker, 27% said they would vote for Republican Bruce Rauner, 6% indicated they would vote for conservative candidate Sam McCann. Libertarian Kash Jackson only received 4% of the vote. 4% of people also answered “None”, and another 14% said “Don’t Know/Haven’t Decided/No Answer”.


The other poll taken was the same question, but regarding the race for Attorney General. Democrat candidate Kwame Raoul received 43% of votes, Republican Ericka Harold received 32%. 21% of voters chose “Don’t Know/Haven’t Decided/No Answer. Another 4% answered “none”.



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