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Illinois State Comptroller Susana Mendoza is trying to get Governor Rauner to pass a bill that will tell the public who the government’s lenders are. Up to now, taxpayers have not had minimal information about who is profiting from the late payments on the government’s $1 billion debt. Mendoza is hoping that her Vendor Payment Program Transparency Bill will be passed by Rauner, and create some change.



Mendoza does not believe that it is right for the public to be in the dark about who the vendors, and third party lenders are. Especially since they are profiting from the government’s late payments. Mendoza wants her new bill to change that.



The Vendor Payment Program Transparency Bill was passed by the House 109-7 on May 29th, and passed by the Senate 54-0 on May 31st. Now it is in Governor Rauner’s hands where he can sign it, take no action, or he can veto it.


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