For the Record Archives for 2019-07

Christian County Court Cases 07/16/19

The following court cases were heard by Judge Christopher Matoush on July 17, 2019.


Justin Barnes appeared in court today. Motion for bond hearing denied. Petition to revoke and pretrial set for August 6th.


Jared R. Bartimus appeared in court today. His bond modified to allow a trip on July 27-28. All other conditions remain the same.


Fred L. Delahunt appeared in court today. Case continued for sentencing. Delahunt sentenced to 30 months of first offender probation plus terms and conditions. He is also ordered to serve 38 days in county jail with 19 served.


Chad R. Hammond fails to appear.  Notice to appear filed over objection of state. PT set for July 23rd.


Brittany L. Henry appeared in court today.  Pretrial continued for August 22nd.


Jason M. Loveless appeared in court today.  Pretrial continued for September 18th for possible plea.


Michael T. Morrissey appeared in court today.  Bond modified for vacation.  Allowed to leave state July 25th -August 2nd. 


Jesse R. Rozplochowski appeared in court today.  Case continued for preliminary hearing August 20th.


Roy H. Timmes appeared in court today.  Hearing continued for August 6th.


Willie J. Jones II appeared in court today. Probable cause found. Bond set at $10,000 with 10% to apply.


Christian County Court Cases 07/11/19

The following court cases were heard on Thursday July 11 in front of Judge Christopher Matoush:


Brian C. Callan appeared in court today.  Preliminary Hearing set for August 8th.  Bond condition is modified to allow defendant to drive to work and to work on farm equipment no more than 4 miles from residence) over objection of State. 


Ryan D. Cantrell failed to appear. Atty present. Bench warrant filed for $150,000 with 10% to apply over PD objection. 


Elizabeth A. Coatney appeared in court today. Defendant asked for continuance before bond hearing, but bond set. Judge Matoush informed the defendant that there would be a second chance opportunity for bond adjustment.  Bond set at $160,000 for all cases. Public Defender investigating over possible conflict.  Status hearing set for July 18.  Preliminary hearing continued for August 1st 


Deandre Douglas failed to appear.  Recognizance Bond revoked.  Bond reinstated at $50,000.


Steve E. Kampwerth appeared in court today.  Case continued until August 22nd for possible plea.


Christopher M. Murphy appeared in IDOC Custody.  Possible plea set for August 8th after 402 hearing held.  August 8th is next date.


Michael P. Neece appeared in court today.  Motion denied for drug treatment.  Motion denied for less bond.  Final pretrial set for July 30th.  Jury trial set for August 12th.


Harry E. Stark appeared in court today. Waives preliminary hearing, waives arraignment, pleads not guilty. Pretrial continued for August 27th. 


William D. Thomas appeared in court.  Preliminary hearing set for August 22nd.


Sierra D. Willis appeared in court.  Case continued to August 15 for possible plea.


Christian County Court Cases 07/09/19

The following court cases were heard in front of Christopher Matoush:


Julie E. Woods appeared in custody today.  Oral motion to reduce bond denied. Pretrial hearing set for July 15.


Kimberley Morrison appeared in custody today.  A plea agreement was met. In exchange for guilty plea of possession of <5 grams methamphetamine, Morrison will serve 3 years in Illinois Department of Corrections with 21 days already served, fines and fees in total of $3039 and 1 year mandatory supervised release.  


Matthew Mcintyre appeared in custody today.  A bond hearing was heard.  Motion was denied.  Defendent waives formal arraignment, pleads not guilty and asks for pretrial only.  Preliminary hearing set for August 5th.


Natalie Williams appears in court.  Pleads not guilty waives preliminary hearing, waives arraignment requests trial by jury. Pretrial continuance set for August 22nd. 


Sara Fleet appears in court.  Waives preliminary hearing, waives arraignment, pleads not guilty and demands jury trial. Jury trial set for September 30th, final pretrial set for September 17th, next pretrial set for August 27th. A pretrial is also set for 18CF252.  Pretrial only set for August 27th as well.


Rachel Neece fails to appear.  Warrant issued for FTA.  $20,000 bond over objection of PD.


Sierra Durbin reset due to motion for NOLLE.  Set for status August 1st for state to file motion.


James Hinds appears in court.  Motion to terminate first offender probation status.  Motion denied and defendant remains on probation.


Stephanie M. Knezevich appears via her attorney.  Checked in to outpatient.  Status set for September 16th. 


Marriages And Civil Unions 6/19/19-6/20/19

The Following Marriage Licenses were published by the Christian County Clerk:


Nicholas Patrick Marley of Nokomis and Alexis Marie Waterman of Morrisonville---June 19th


Cordell Anthony Castle and Lindsey Renee Moore of Taylorville---June 20th


Main Office: