For the Record

17CF276 - Beishir, Joseph - Domestic battery, driving under the influence of alcohol, improper traffic lane usage, unlicensed, driving on a suspended license, and leaving the scene. Pre-trial scheduled for December 3rd.


18CF089 - Blake, Michael - Criminal damage to government property. Case continued to December 10th. 


17CF286 - Emerson, Jeffrey - Aggravated criminal sexual abuse. Pre-trial scheduled for November 8th. 


17CF117 - Horn, Debbie - Theft, burglary, obstructing identification, and resisting officer. Preliminary hearing scheduled for November 27th.


15CF201 - Jenkins, Nicole - Possession of methamphetamine,  and possession of a controlled substance. Case continued to October 31st.


16CF059 - Loflin, Michael - Criminal sexual assault. Case continued to December 3rd.


18CF183 - Shimkus, Daniel - Theft of merchandise. Failure to appear. Warrant issued.


18CF136 - Stahl, Robert - Driving on a suspended license. Case continued to November 30th.


18CF222 - Wessling, Christopher - 11 cases of sexual assault. Pre-trial scheduled for January 18th. Jury trial scheduled for February 25th.


16CF143 - Williams, Marciano - Theft of merchandise. Case continued to November 9th.


18CF220 - Dilley, Princess - Forgery, possess with intent. Pre-trial scheduled for January 14th. Jury trial scheduled for February 25th.

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