For the Record

15CF217 - Beyers, Pamela - Aggravated battery. Status hearing scheduled for December 11th.


18CF160 - Catalano, Robert - Aggravated battery, and use of deadly weapon. Was unable to appear. Warrant issued, bond set at $25,000. Pre-trial set for October 25th.


18CF144 - Duncan, Rachel - Failure to return from furlough, and possession of methamphetamine < 5 grams. Pre-trial scheduled for December 17th. Jury trial scheduled for January 28th. 


18CF150 - Kenney, Hillary - Possession of methamphetamine. Failed to appear today. Warrant issued $6,000.


18CF054 - Mann, Alan - driving under the influence, improper traffic lane usage, possession of methamphetamine. Pre-trial continuance scheduled for December 10th.


18CF105 - Nerone, Alma - Forgery and alteration of document. Preliminary hearing scheduled for November 1st.


18CF179 - Tipps, Robert - Aggravated domestic battery. Pre-trial scheduled for October 29th.

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