For the Record

18CF237 - Barnes, Justin - Violation of stalk and no contact order. Pre-trial scheduled for October 23rd. 


17CF167 - Brilley, John - Methamphetamine precursor. Pre-trial scheduled for November 26th. 


13CF059 - Bunning, Jerry - Aggravated criminal sexual abuse. Case continued to November 16th.


18CF195 - Coleman, Colby -Possession of methamphetamine < 5 grams. Did not appear. Warrant issued. 


15CF034 - Davis, Shawn - Burglary, and driving 21-25 mph over the limit. Pre-trial scheduled for November 30th.


17CF075 - Graham, Jacob - Aggravated battery. Notice to appear set for November 27th.


16CF059 - Loflin, Michael - Criminal sexual assault. Pre-trial scheduled for October 29th. 


18CF105 - Nerone, Alma - Forgery or alteration of document. Next court date scheduled for October 22nd.


17CF090 - Peters, Brett - Burglary, and failure to return from furlough. Pre-trial scheduled for October 26th.


17CF272 - Samson, Ronnie - Operating uninsured motor vehicle, theft control intent, and failure to reduce speed. Case continued to November 27th. 


17CF242 - Sinkhorn, Carter - Criminal damage to property, and driving under the influence. Case continued to November 30th. 


17CF149 - Stalling, Justice - Methamphetamine delivery < 5 grams. Pre-trial scheduled for November 26th.


18CF222 - Wessling, Christopher - Multiple accounts of sexual assault. Motion to reduce bond was denied. Preliminary hearing scheduled for October 29th. 


17CF017 - Westerfield, Joshua - Burglary. Case continued to November 2nd. 

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