For the Record

18CF87 - Allcorn, Sherrie L - Manufacture/delivery of cocaine. Pre-trial hearing was continued to 6/12/18.


18CF66 - Baptiste, Leon I - Theft. Status hearing scheduled for 6/4/18 with a review hearing scheduled for the same day at 8:45am.


18CF109 - Frayer, Matthew D - Possession of methamphetamine, and delivery of methamphetamine. Preliminary hearing continued to 6/7/18.


17CF201 - Miles, Brandy L - Burglary. Defendant waived arraignment and denied the allegations in a petition to revoke. Pre-trial hearing scheduled for 6/12/18.


17CF211 - Miles, Leroy E - Burglary, retail theft. Defendant failed to appear. Warrant was issued and bond was set at $25,000.


16CF10 & 17CF269 - Sams, Joshua M - Theft. Pre-trial hearing continued to 6/28/18.


17CF194 & 18CF269 - Scott, Larry L - Murder, intent to kill, aggravated battery, aggravated discharge of firearm, reckless discharge of a firearm and criminal damage to government property. Motion to continue pre-trial and jury trial granted. Pre-trial hearing continued to 6/5/18 and jury trial scheduled for 6/18/18.


17CF250 & 18CF30- Shadwell, Darien C - Aggravated battery of pregnant or handicapped, domestic battery & methamphetamine trafficking, delivery of methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine. Final pre- trial hearing scheduled for 6/11/18.


18CF52 - Westenhaver, Jeremy S - Child sex offender present at holiday event. Negotiated plea accepted. Defendant pleads guilty to attending a school/holiday event by a registered juvenile sex offender. Sentenced to 2yrs. probation and 2 days in county jail, with credit for 1 day served.

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