For the Record

17CF194 - Scott, Larry L - Murder, intent to kill - Jury trial continued. Counts 2, 3, and 4 filed by the State. Testimony and arguments heard. Status hearing on motion scheduled for 2/1/18 10am. Next preliminary hearing scheduled 2/22/18 11am


16CF112 - Shaw, Charlie Jr. - Aggravated DUI. Case continued for possible plea agreement. 3/22/18 at 9am.


17CF41 - McCaughn, Patrick T - Driving on a revoked/suspended license. Motion to continue granted, defendant accepts plea from State. Plea hearing scheduled 2/26/18 at 9am


17CF249 - Green, Kevin E - Aggravated DUI, Driving on revoked/suspended license. Preliminary hearing continued, 2/26/18 9am.


17CF260 - Gatton, Danielle M - Burglary. Failure to appear, warrant issued. Bond set at $20,000.


15CF142 - Sherman, Justin R - Theft. Status hearing scheduled 2/23/18 11am.


17CF269 - Sams, Joshua M - Theft. Defendant waived preliminary hearing, waived arraignment, plead not guilty. Requested jury trial. Pre-trial scheduled 3/6/18 10am.


16CF215 - Kinser, Megan R - Possession of methampetamine. Pre-trial continued, 3/16/18 10am


17CF64 - Hayworth, Chism L - Delivery of methamphethamine. Pre-trial continued 3/8/18 10am.


17CF27 - Allen Noah L - Delivery of methamphetamine. Pre-trial continued 2/1/18 10am, jury trial scheduled 3/26/18 8:30am


17CF71 - Hill, Josh D - Delivery of methamphetamine. Bond reduced to $75,000. Pre-trial continued to 2/8/18 10am


17CF184 - Schilling, Michael P - Predatory criminal sexual assault. Motion to continue granted. Pre-trial hearing 3/8/18 10am, jury trial scheduled 4/16/18


17CF189 / 16CF56 / 17CF88 - Worker, Curtis L - Aggravated battery / Criminal damage to government Property / Driving on revoked license. Motion to continue granted on 17CF189. Pre-trial hearing 3/8/18 1:15pm. Sentencing hearing scheduled for 3/8/18 on 16CF56 and 17CF88


17CF - Rodgers, Markes N - Murder, intent to kill. Pre-trial continued. Plea hearing 1/30/18 10am


17CF199 - Schumacher, Cody R - Manufacture/delivery of controlled substance. Defendant waived preliminary hearing, waived arraignment, plead not guilty and requested jury trial. Pre-trial scheduled 3/8/18 10am


17CF232 - Cooper, Cathy L - Possession of controlled substance. Preliminary hearing continued to 3/15/18 10am


17CF261 - Sparling, Joseph R - Burglary. Failure to appear. Warrant was issued, bond set at $25,000


17CF273 and 17CF274- Amos, Wayne H - Aggravated home fraud. Probable cause was found, defendant waived arraignment, and plead not guilty. Requested jury trial. Pre-trial set for 3/19/18 10am. 17CF274 -  No probable cause was found. Case dismissed.










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