Thursday Swap Shop | Taylorville Daily News Thursday Swap Shop 2015-03-31T10:28:14Z Thursday Swap Shop THURSDAY 3/26/15 879-2393  vanity dresser, sewing machine, stereo radio, filing cabinet, cork fruit jar 824-5330  push mower 254-2413  round kitchen table 287-2508  kitchen table, desk chair, patio set 563-7817  2 br house nokomis 454-1532  wtb tires, wood splitter self contained tiller to haul 565-2220  john deere rider, 12 v wench 823-5208  rod and reels, tackle box, lanterns, round dinette set 519-3846  wtb typewriter 422-5220  fiesta ware dishes, desk 2 drawers, twin size quilts 827-1919  automatic shifter 824-3215  wooden swing set 824-9591  weedeater   Taylorville Daily News 2015-03-31T15:28:14Z